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Re: SNMP + MTA-MIB + Postfix

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  • Emmanuel Fusté
    ... Yes thanks, already in use here.
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 28, 2009
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      Ralf Hildebrandt a écrit :
      > * Emmanuel Fusté <emmanuel.fuste@...>:
      >> In corporate environment, it is now a big pain for us to provide
      >> accurate realtime metrics, reliable weekly statistics which are
      >> mandatory things requested by our bosses. Big piles of pearl scripts
      >> to post process logs, or parse them as they arrive have limits.
      >> This is a lot of additional work and would be a big piece of code not
      >> involved in improving the capability of postfix to do his job as an SMTP
      >> mailer, but it would greatly improve our life as sysadmins ;-)
      > mailgraph and queuegraph do this out of the box.
      Yes thanks, already in use here.
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