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Re: Reject/Discard mails to a Receipient

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  • Linux Addict
    ... thank you!
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 29, 2008
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      Wietse Venema wrote:
      Linux Addict:
      Sahil Tandon wrote:
      Linux Addict wrote:
      Hello, I have clients sending mails to an non-existent email  
      address/domain, Emailermail@.... I want to discard any  
      mail sent to this address. I looked at smtpd_recipient_restrictions, but  
      cant figure out how to get this done. Please help me!!
      Why not simply reject such messages?  What is the reason you want to
      accept but silently discard messages to that non-existent user?  It is
      your choice to do so, but please offer some rationale for the archives.
      Sorry.. I wasn't checking my mails for sometime. I am open to Rejecting 
      those mails as well..
      Well. The mails are sent by one of the legacy app which has the hard 
      coded the email address. The email domain has been decommed recently. 
      The engineering will update this email address in their next release. 
      But till that time, I don't want postfix to spend energy on these mails.
      So How will I reject mails to the email in question. Transport will do?
      Transport rules such as:
          user@...  error:5.1.1 user unknown
          example.com       error:5.1.2 domain unknown
      will do the job.
      thank you!
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