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Re: Routing mail (rewrite relay transport ??)

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  • Mathieu Kretchner
    Thanks all for your help, it works now.
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 28, 2008
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      Thanks all for your help, it works now.

      Reinaldo de Carvalho a écrit :
      >> Hello,
      >> Thanks for your reactivity but the recipient field are all addressed to
      >> proxy.foo.com and I've to discriminate by user account to redirect mail.
      >> I find transport table by the link you've given to me and add :
      >> transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport
      >> to main.cf
      >> and
      >> user1@... :[default.foo.com]
      >> user2@... :[new.foo.com]
      >> to
      >> transport file
      >> The goal is to do a migration of our imap server. We want to attache the
      >> service ip to proxy.foo.com and redirect mail wherever they must go.
      >> Am I wrong with this method ? Do I've to check elsewhere ?
      > This work, but you need to do recipient validate for don't generate
      > bounces as example sent by Wietse.
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