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Re: postfix almost configured but ..

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  • David Ballano
    ... ok ... what?.. anyway thank you very much!!!! :)
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 24, 2008
      2008/9/24 mouss <mouss@...>:
      > David Ballano wrote:
      >> [snip]
      >> I don't understand the last part, if my server is a public server, I
      >> think I need tls because my customer (to say something) need to send
      >> mails outside so they have to AUTH and the mech is PLAIN so using
      >> tls keeps the passwords encrypted.
      > Ah, now I see what you mean. yes, you can require TLS for authentication as
      > you do now. which is good.

      > but you can't require TLS from "strangers" (like me).

      what?.. anyway thank you very much!!!! :)
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