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Re: message_size_limit with ldap search parameter

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  • Listas
    Magnus, The initial idea is to set per-sender. I ll look in the archives then. Thank s anyway, Gustavo
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2007

      The initial idea is to set per-sender.

      I'll look in the archives then.

      Thank's anyway,


      Magnus B├Ąck escreveu:
      > On Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 19:21 CET,
      > Listas <listas@...> wrote:
      >> Looking for a way to keep on individual basis message_size_limit value
      >> I tried to add an ldap search to it. Unfortunately postfix returns
      >> that message_size_limit doesn't allow anything different from numbers.
      >> Is there a patch or something else that changes how postfix works?
      >> I'm using Debian 4.0 with Postfix 2.3.8-2+b1 installed with apt.
      > Per-sender or per-recipient?
      > Either way, the message size limit is announced before any of these
      > are known, and in the case of recipients a message can have multiple.
      > You could use a policy server to somewhat implement per-sender/recipient
      > size limits, but since the SMTP protocol isn't built for this type of
      > restrictions it would be an imperfect hack.
      > This has been discussed a number of times before. You can find more in
      > the archives.
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