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Re: again: bad record type: 45 in message content

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  • Artem Bokhan
    Thanks, it works.
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1, 2007
      Thanks, it works.

      Wietse Venema ?????:
      > Wietse Venema:
      >> Artem Bokhan:
      >>> In case of Kaspersky antivirus (milter) inserts "X-Anti-Virus header",
      >>> some messages are rejected by smtp, and I could reproduce that.
      > This problem is already fixed. Upgrade to a recent Postfix 2.4 or
      > 2.5 release.
      > Wietse
      > 20070613
      > Bugfix: the Milter client assumed that a Milter application
      > does not modify the message header or envelope, after that
      > same Milter application has modified the message body of
      > that same email message. This is not a problem with updates
      > by different Milter applications. Problem was triggered
      > by Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz. Also simplified the handling
      > of queue file update errors. File: milter/milter8.c.
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