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Re: Is there a way to append the domain name to a standard username?

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  • Patrick - South Valley Internet
    ... This is good information. Thanks to you and Wietse for the quick responses! Patrick
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 2007
      Jorey Bump wrote:
      > Patrick - South Valley Internet wrote:
      >> I hope I'm asking the right question. I am switching all our
      >> accounts to Virtual Mail accounts, so that users will need to have
      >> USERNAME@... in order to log in.
      >> Is there a way in Postfix to append the @... when they log in,
      >> without them reconfiguring anything on the customer's end? All our
      >> customers are using USERNAME to log in, but since I want to make this
      >> migration as painless as possible, I was hoping there would be a
      >> variable/configuration change I can make that will append the
      >> @... so they would not have to reconfigure their mail client.
      >> Is this possible?
      > If you want to make the migration painless, don't require the domain
      > (or realm) to be part of the login.
      > For example, in main.cf, I have this:
      > smtpd_sasl_local_domain = mail.example.com
      > I use Cyrus IMAP, and in /etc/imapd.conf, I have this:
      > defaultdomain: mail.example.com
      > I'm using sasldb2, and I add all users in the realm mail.example.com,
      > regardless of which virtual domain they are associated with. The only
      > restriction here is that all logins must be unique. IOW, there can
      > only be one user named info, but that doesn't prevent multiple info@
      > aliases from being delivered to arbitrary users.
      > Your environment will determine your limits, but this is how I
      > migrated my users from /etc/passwd without forcing them to add realms
      > to their logins.

      This is good information. Thanks to you and Wietse for the quick responses!

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