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Re: alternative approach for using procmail with virtual domains?

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  • mouss
    ... Virtual aliases do not execute commands.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2007
      Marco Fioretti wrote:
      > Hello,
      > (I am posting this both as a summary and to know your opinion on the
      > second approach below)
      > I and others have already asked on this list in the past
      > how to use procmail in a virtual-domain-only (no system
      > accounts for email recipients) postfix environment for
      > small (~40/50) groups of users.
      > So far, the consensus was to define procmail as virtual_transport
      > in main.cf and master.cf, more or less in this way:
      > master.cf:
      > procmail unix - n n - - pipe
      > flags=R user=nobody argv=/usr/bin/procmail -t -m /etc/procmailrc ${sender}
      > main.cf:
      > virtual_transport = procmail
      > and it works. Yesterday, however, I discovered at
      > http://forums.site5.com/showthread.php?p=96629
      > an alternative approach, which _looks_ simpler.
      > Just define virtual aliases in this way:
      > me@... : "|/absolute/path/to/procmail -m /somedir/me.virtualdomain1.net.procmailrc"
      > joe@... : "|/absolute/path/to/procmail -m /somedir/joe.virtualdomain2.com.procmailrc"
      > jane@... : "|/absolute/path/to/procmail -m /somedir/jane.virtualdomain1.net.procmailrc"
      > and so on. I'll have the possibility to test it myself
      > only next week, but in the meantime I'd like to
      > ask. What do you think? Are there any caveats or corner
      > cases, like handling the same message to more than one
      > user? Which approach is better (safer| more robust|
      > less resource hungry)?

      Virtual aliases do not execute commands.
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