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Re: senders get rejected

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  • mouss
    ... postfix logs _all_ transactions. no log, no mail.
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 30, 2007
      Steve Strong wrote:
      > Magnus B├Ąck wrote:
      >> On Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 22:51 CEST,
      >> Steve Strong <carpenter@...> wrote:
      >>> Here is a more recent tail from maillog (i don't see
      >>> an entry dealing with the incoming email at all, yes?
      >> Those logs do not exhibit the original problem.
      >> Again, is crwash.org your domain? Then list $mydomain in
      >> mydestination to have the messages delivered locally.
      >> If you've done that and it still doesn't work, shows logs
      >> from that particular failed delivery attempt.
      >> Please stop top-posting.
      >> [...]
      > actually, the log dump WAS after making the change in mydestination as
      > you suggested. i don't see (even in this log) any sign of the email
      > arriving at the server. it's really got me puzzled.

      postfix logs _all_ transactions. no log, no mail.
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