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Re: Feature request: MTA string in policy proto

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  • Robert Felber
    ... The CON is: This is simply a hack and not a solution. A solution would be on protocol level. What s more sane in the scope of a Policy Proto : - a server
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 28, 2007
      On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 11:33:15PM +0100, mouss wrote:
      > As Wietse said, you can use different ports (or IPs but ther is not much reason
      > to use different IPs when you can use diffrent ports). so it would be good to
      > support multiple instances of policyd-weight, each with its config file.
      > you can also add an "IP -> MTA" mapping, so that a single instance can work
      > with multiple MTAs talking from different IPs.

      The CON is:

      This is simply a hack and not a solution.
      A solution would be on protocol level.
      What's more sane in the scope of a "Policy Proto":

      - a server who expects a certain string configured by the client
      - a server who has to open ugly ports to differenciate between stuff

      With free of choice attributes we wouldn't have to discuss about this.
      Each future policy server can adapt to different types of MTA without
      such an ugly port hack.

      Also with the different ports hack I run into debug troubles as debug
      creates a port one higher than default port (yes, that my problem and not
      that of others ;-).

      As for the moment I think I will go with mta_string=missing|postfix|exim.

      I don't see changes in the Policy Proto for the future.
      If there will be ever appear an mta_string in the policy proto, then I
      have to catch up. Neither do I seriously expect that postfix will ever
      send mta_string=exim. Unfortunately I have to expect now, but I want
      to save myself from ugly work and I prefer sane|reasonable concepts.

      Robert Felber (PGP: 896CF30B)
      Munich, Germany
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