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Re: User unknown in virtual mailbox table

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  • Sandy Drobic
    ... What do you see, when you login to mysql on the command line and query the record? What do you see in phpmyadmin? ... That is because you keep fiddling at
    Message 1 of 20 , Jan 30, 2007
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      Ebbe Hjorth wrote:

      >> Check your entries in the sql database if they are misspelled. That is the
      >> most likely reason.
      > I checked and rechecked my spellin, deleted the record, made new onces,
      > but it wont resolve root@...

      What do you see, when you login to mysql on the command line and query the
      What do you see in phpmyadmin?

      > But much worse it that now it wont recieve mail for bytemind@...
      > anymore "bytemind@...>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown
      > in virtual alias table" - So it is now checking the virtual alias table,
      > but not the mysql_virtual_mailboxes_maps.cf

      That is because you keep fiddling at three nobs simultaneously. If I
      remember correctly you have an entry in virtual like:
      bytemind.dk anything

      That is the old syntax to declare the domain "bytemind.dk" as a
      virtual_alias_domain, which is querying virtual_alias_maps for valid
      addresses of virtual_alias_domains.

      Do yourself a favor read a bit more on the basics of address classes:
      This explains what kind of domain classes are available in Postfix, for
      what purpose they were designed and what parameters they use. Then forget
      every dated Postfix configuration example you might come across using Google.

      Afterwards take a piece of paper and write down the exact path how
      addresses should be rewritten. Then compare again with the following two

      Before you change a setting, read the documentation for the parameter. The
      Postfix documentation site is one of my most often used websites. Even if
      I think I know the parameter I often reread the doc to make sure I didn't
      make a wrong assumption.

      If that approach is too slow for you, check the example configurations,
      choose the one most appropriate for your purposes and expand from there.


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