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Re: monitor postfix queue with SNMP

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  • Elmehdi Bendriss
    thanks all for your answers ... -- _____________________________________________ Bendriss Elmehdi elmehdi@bendriss.ma http://www.netservices.ma
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 29, 2006
      thanks all for your answers

      On 12/29/06, Bjørn Ruberg <bjorn@...> wrote:
      > Elmehdi Bendriss wrote:
      > > hello,
      > > is there any information on howto monitor postfix queue using
      > > SNMP, specially sending TRAPs after a threshold.
      > You could try out Munin (http://munin.sf.net/). It's a monitoring
      > framework where something like this is easily implemented. While it's
      > probably overkill if queue monitoring is all you want, you might find it
      > useful for other monitoring tasks as well.
      > --
      > Bjørn

      Bendriss Elmehdi
      http://www.honeynetmaroc.org [Under Construction]
      Microsoft Certified Professional
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