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Re: from sendmail to postfix

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  • Vigor
    Thank you. Vigor.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 29, 2006
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      Thank you.


      On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 12:02 -0400, Victor Duchovni wrote:
      > On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 05:24:26PM +0200, postfix@... wrote:
      > > 1. can I flush only particular mails from deferred queue ?
      > If you move the queue file from the deferred queue to the incoming queue,
      > change the queue file's modification time to the current time, and the
      > destination is not currently on the "dead" list, the deferred message
      > will be re-processed. I have a patch that implements a "postsuper -f"
      > option to do the rename and also tags the message with the "sticky bit"
      > so that the queue manager unthrottles the destination domains of all
      > recipients in the message.
      > Perhaps this patch will be considered for inclusion in 2.4. Until then:
      > Suppose the queue id is 00000A "deferred" is hashed,
      > "incoming" is not and the hash depth is 1
      > # postkick public qmgr F; sleep 1; : it may get re-throttled with bad luck
      > # q=/var/spool/postfix; qid=00000A
      > # mv $q/deferred/0/$qid $q/incoming/$qid
      > # touch -c $q/incoming/$qid; : but not create via "-c"
      > # postkick public qmgr I; : scan the incoming queue
      > Do not routinely pre-empt normal Postfix scheduling. The above is
      > for special cases where you know a message is ready to go, not manual
      > scheduling of all mail.
      > > 2. I'm using three different queues with sendmail, first one is normal,
      > > second one is for mail delayed for 4 hours and more, third one is for mail
      > > delayed for 1 day and more. I'm scanning those queues with different
      > > time intervals, can I do something similar on postfix?
      > Postfix retries fresh mail more frequently automatically. Generally,
      > you don't need the old tricks that made Sendmail performant. But you
      > do need recipient validation to keep your queue clean.
      > http://www.postfix.org/QSHAPE_README.html
      > http://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html#maximal_backoff_time
      > http://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html#minimal_backoff_time
      > http://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html#queue_run_delay
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