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Re: Local/Virtual Delivery Agent Config Question

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  • Kevin Wilcox
    Magnus, Thank oy for your reply, with your input, I think I ve figured most of it out. I do have a couple more questions below: ... Since this is going to be a
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      Thank oy for your reply, with your input, I think I've figured most of it out. I do have a couple more questions below:

      On 7/1/06, Magnus B├Ąck <magnus@...> wrote:
      On Friday, June 30, 2006 at 23:08 CEST,
           Kevin Wilcox <6brshooter@...> wrote:

      > We have an application that I need to have all incoming e-mail for a
      > given domain, delivered to a MySQL based mailboxes. Also, none of the
      > recipients have a unix account/mailbox on this system, they are users
      > of a web based service. I've been scouring the postfix documentation
      > and procmail documentation. My application will be analogous to
      > procmail, but I do have some questions for the more experienced users:
      > 1. Because the recipients don't have accounts on the system, I was not
      > sure if I need to use postfix's LDA (local) to deliver the messages or
      > rely on virtual(5)/virutal(8)?

      Unless the users have real accounts (i.e. accounts accessible via
      getpwnam(3) and friends) you must make the domain a virtual mailbox
      domain. That doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be using virtual(8),

      Since this is going to be a virtual mailbox domain rather than a virtual alias, I think then I don't need to create an entry in virtual(5) correct? One point I forgot to mention in my original e-mail is that even though the recipients don't have mail boxes on the system, their domain name matches the domain name of the SMTP server.

      > 2. If I do need to use virtual, it does not support a
      > "mailbox_command" for obvious reasons. How do I invoke our proprietary
      > delivery agent?

      Define a service for the delivery agent in master.cf and set
      virtual_transport to point to that service. The default master.cf
      should already contain example services for maildrop and Cyrus.

      I understand how do add a virtual tranports in main.cf, how do I match that transport to the domain name? Based on what I've read, I think I do it in the transport(5) file. Is this correct?

      Also, I'll still need to configure main.cf to know about this domain. Is this correct?

      Thank you so much for your help.


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