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Re: canonical vs. virtual domains?

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  • Simon Waters
    ... No, you want virtual_mailbox_domains by the sounds of it. The docs are very clear on what DOESN T go into mydestinations! ... Everything to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2006
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      On Friday 30 Jun 2006 10:56, Brice Figureau wrote:
      > Since daysofwonder.com is my virtual domain, does it make sense to use
      > it for these config variables ?

      No, you want "virtual_mailbox_domains" by the sounds of it. The docs are very
      clear on what DOESN'T go into mydestinations!

      > 2) what should I do about all the aliases defined
      > in /etc/postfix/aliases ?
      > right now, postmaster, hostmaster, and abuse are handled by
      > virtual_alias_maps.
      > Should I add the other aliases (root, ftp, MAILER-DAEMON) to
      > virtual_alias_maps too ?

      Everything to "virtual_alias_maps" except the local system accounts which you
      can redirect in /etc/aliases as before.

      > 3) where will be delivered mail addressed to user@[ip of the server] ?
      > I suppose they'll be rejected (except if by chance there is an unix user
      > of the same name) ?

      I think the Unix user would get them, I have "mydestination" full of good old
      fashioned stuff like "localhost", so that local system type email is caught
      and handled by /etc/aliases.

      > How can I accept this kind of addressed mail, and delivers it to the
      > same user in my virtual domain ?

      Not sure I've always seen losing this sort of email as a positive thing - i.e.
      it was all spam.
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