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Re: Domain on two servers

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  • Keith Matthews
    On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:18:32 +0100 ... That s correct behaviour - the client will only send to one server. ... You ll need to set up either an alias or
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2006
      On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:18:32 +0100
      Arek Czereszewski <arek@...> wrote:

      > Hello,
      > I try split up my domain on 2 servers.
      > First (old machine) have dns record MX 5 poczta.wup-katowice.pl
      > New have MX 10 smtp.wup-katowice.pl
      > On poczta I have local users.
      > On smtp I setup Postfix + MySQL + AV + SPF + Courier-imap +
      > courer-authdaemon. My domain wup-katowice.pl is setup as virtual on
      > smtp.
      > Firewalls allow connections to this 2 servers on port 25.
      > On smtp I create test user and try send mali to him.
      > But only poczta get this

      That's correct behaviour - the client will only send to one server.

      >mail and I have:
      > 550 <name@...>: User unknown in local recipient table;
      > How can I setup this servers for one domain.
      > I think I have some missing parametrs in main.cf on poczta, but I dont

      You'll need to set up either an alias or relay-recipient maps. And
      you'll have to do it on each host. They won't be identical, each must
      know which users are on the other host so they can send it on. If you
      are using virtual domains with MySQL then it's probably easier to use
      virtual aliases, but each host will want it's own database (or tables).

      Whichever you chose you'll need an entry for each account that is
      by the other host, if you try to use catch-all addresses you'll get into
      a loop the first time the system gets a message to a non-existent
      account name.

      You'll also need to ensure that the host names are different.

      It's a lot simpler to understand (and a lot less work) if you give the
      two different subdomain names.

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