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Re: Maildir Delivery Problem

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  • Ralf Hildebrandt
    ... There s your problem maildrop doesn t know the user. -- Ralf Hildebrandt (Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de) spamtrap@charite.de Postfix - Einrichtung,
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 22, 2005
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      * S?rgio Ferreira <sergio.ferreira@...>:

      > Nov 22 17:37:02 gaia postfix/pipe[12985]: AB4204C095:
      > to=<sergio.ferreira@...>, relay=maildrop, delay=0, status=bounced
      > (user unknown. Command output: Invalid user specified. )

      There's your problem
      maildrop doesn't know the user.

      Ralf Hildebrandt (Ralf.Hildebrandt@...) spamtrap@...
      Postfix - Einrichtung, Betrieb und Wartung Tel. +49 (0)30-450 570-155
      Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes.
      -- Dr. Warren Jackson, Director, UTCS
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