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301312Re: Can Postfix automatically add line "Resent-From: " in the header?

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jul 29, 2014
      Xie, Wei:
      > Here we have a question about postfix. When the message passes by
      > Postfix, can Postfix automatically add line "Resent-From: <OSU
      > email address>" in the header?

      Postfix it will add a "Delivered-To: <OSU email address>" header,
      when it delivers mail to a non-virtual alias, or to a user. If the
      user forwards the mail with a .forward file or with a procmail rule,
      then the forwarded message will contain that "Delivered-To:" header.

      Other forms of Postfix email forwarding silently replace the recipient
      address, without adding information to the message header.

      As noted in other follow-ups, Resent-from is not appropriate It
      already has a meaning that is different than what you request.

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