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301301Re: Can Postfix automatically add line "Resent-From: " in the header?

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jul 29, 2014
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      Xie, Wei:
      > Greetings,
      > Our OSU State University uses Microsoft exchange servers as our
      > main email system. Many users' email accounts are forwarding
      > accounts, which forward emails of name.n@...<mailto:name.n@...>
      > (i. e. smith.8113@...<mailto:smith.8113@...>) to other
      > email systems such as gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, Buckeyemail, etc.
      > Before these outbound emails are leaving from Ohio state university,
      > they are scanned by our Security DLP (Data Loss Protection) servers
      > on which MTA Postfix is running.
      > Here we have a question about postfix. When the message passes by
      > Postfix, can Postfix automatically add line "Resent-From: <OSU
      > email address>" in the header?

      How would Postfix know out that mail is forwarded from OSU Microsoft
      exchange servers? Is it mail with a non-OSU envelope sender from a
      system inside OSU? Must it also have a non-OSU envelope recipient?
      If the rule is complex, then I recommend using an external content
      filter. Amavisd-new supports policies that trigger on all kinds of
      message properties. Postfix just an MTA.

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