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301031Sender transport settings not override default transport

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    Jul 15, 2014
      Hi all,
      I'm facing with a strange problem with my Postfix machine.
      I have some different IP addresses and dovecot as po3-before-smtp
      authentication system.
      I can login to postfix using username1@... + password and send
      emails using default smtp transport (these emails are sent through the same
      IP where the user was logged in).
      Now I want to setup another IP to be used as the former one: a user can
      login using username2@... on second IP and his emails must have to
      be delivered through this second IP.
      In practice I want this:
      [ user 1 ] authenticating on IP1 => postfix sends emails using transport on
      [ user 2 ] authenticating on IP2 => postfix sends emails using transport on
      [ user n ].....

      I tried to configure sender_dependent_default_transport_maps as here
      /^username1\@mydomain\.com$/ smtp1:
      /^username2\@mydomain\.com$/ smtp2:

      and in master.cf I have:
      smtp unix - - n - - smtp
      smtp1 unix - - n - - smtp
      -o smtp_bind_address=x.y.z.d
      -o smtp_helo_name=mx1.mydomain.com
      -o syslog_name=postfix-smtp1
      smtp2 unix - - n - - smtp
      -o smtp_bind_address=x.y.z.f
      -o smtp_helo_name=mx2.mydomain.com
      -o syslog_name=postfix-smtp2

      The "smtp" transport is intended to be used from all other users and is the
      "default transport" of my Postfix instance.

      The PROBLEM is that this configuration is not executed and all emails are
      sent through default transport.
      Can you help me?
      Thanks a lot

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