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301007Re: Connection stats (was: Re: Why "lost connection after RCPT" when we reject?)

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jul 14, 2014
      > A "normal" ESMTP session with vrfy:
      > ehlo=1/1 vrfy=1/1 quit=1/1
      > An "abnormal" session that drops after 10 rejected AUTH commands:
      > ehlo=1/1 auth=0/10
      > The logging shows only counters for commands that were actually
      > issued. To save space we could replace "n/n" (two identical numbers)
      > with just "n". I don't know if this would actually simplify parsing.

      On second consideration, the main benefit is that anomalies become
      easier to recognize.

      This is best demonstrated with a few examples:

      - "normal" ESMTP session with vrfy:

      ehlo=1 vrfy=1 quit=1

      - "abnormal" session that drops after 10 rejected AUTH commands:

      ehlo=1 auth=0/10

      Note that the "/" appears only when there is an anomaly. Here, the
      number of "good" auth commands (0) differs from the total number
      of auth commands (10).

      In a logfile analyzer, anomalies would match 'disconnect.*=\d+/\d+'
      (perl or pcre syntax). I think that we have a winner.

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