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301005Re: Connection stats

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  • Noel Jones
    Jul 14 8:17 AM
      On 7/14/2014 8:25 AM, Wietse Venema wrote:
      > In response to Noel's followup, here is a proposal that can make
      > Postfix trouble shooting / anomaly detection easier. This would
      > reveal information that is currently available only by turning on
      > verbose logging.
      > Proposal:
      > The Postfix SMTP server maintains two counters for each known
      > command: one counter for the total number of times the command was
      > issued during an SMTP session, and one counter for the number of
      > normal completions (a 2XX reply status). These counters are reset
      > before the server accepts the next SMTP connection. Perhaps there
      > should also be a counter for unknown commands.

      Seems to me an error count, including unknown commands, would be
      helpful. err=n

      Or unknown commands/total errors maybe? err=n/T

      This would not be logged if there are no errors.

      > Upon disconnect. the Postfix SMTP server logs statistics for each
      > command that has a non-zero counter. The syntax is:
      > command-name=normal-completions/total
      > Example: a "normal" session with ESMTP handshake, one mail delivery
      > transaction with one recipient, and closed with "quit":
      > ehlo=1/1 mail=1/1 rcpt=1/1 data=1/1 quit=1/1


      > The logging shows only counters for commands that were actually
      > issued. To save space we could replace "n/n" (two identical numbers)
      > with just "n". I don't know if this would actually simplify parsing.

      I vote for consistent 1/1. But I don't feel strongly about it.

      > As the examples show this is really a small amount of text, so there
      > is no reason to increase logging overhead by using a separate record.
      > Since the stats would be logged at the end of a session, they can
      > be logged in the "disconnect" record.


      -- Noel Jones

      > Wietse
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