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299005Re: Reject client from domains without MX records

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  • Pau Peris
    Mar 28, 2014

      I don't think that's about reading but about experise. Which takes time after reading.

      I will reenable sasl globally again while i try to understand it all.

      I'm unsure if login sender mismatch can have any side effect for incoming email once global sasl auth is activated. Could you please explain this?

      Thanks a lot!

      Sent from my Android mobile, excuse the brevity.

      On Mar 29, 2014 12:30 AM, "lists@..." <lists@...> wrote:
      sorry, you need to read manuals and try some things at your own
      if you can't handle it why do you remove auth globally?
      in general don't change defaults for no good reason

      Am 29.03.2014 00:21, schrieb Pau Peris:
      > Could you be more explicit or place an example on how should main.cf <http://main.cf> should stay after removing
      > the sasl params and how should master.cf <http://master.cf> look please?
      > Thank u so much!!
      > Sent from my Android mobile, excuse the brevity.
      > On Mar 28, 2014 10:21 PM, "lists@... <mailto:lists@...>" <lists@... <mailto:lists@...>>
      > wrote:
      >     Am 28.03.2014 20:33, schrieb Pau Peris:
      >     > I think everything was working fine but after update main.cf <http://main.cf> <http://main.cf> file i'm
      >     seeing the following warning
      >     > for emails incoming outside the box, postfix/smtpd[15455]: warning: restriction
      >     > `reject_authenticated_sender_login_mismatch' ignored: no SASL support
      >     >
      >     > The previous warning is show when i send an email from GMail to a domain whose email is managed by me.
      >     >
      >     > Basically what i did is:
      >     > * Remove permit_mynetworks where i think it shouldn't be.
      >     > * Disable smtp auth globally and enable it at submission 587 and smtps 465.
      >     > * Remove the deprecated smtp_use_tls/smtpd_use_tls statements
      >     `reject_authenticated_sender_login_mismatch' has a clear context to SASL auth
      >     just don't list SASL related params in main.cf <http://main.cf> if "disable smtp auth globally"
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