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298984Re: transport_maps "loops back to myself"

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  • Wietse Venema
    Mar 27, 2014
      > > Wietse:
      > > What is the legitimate use case for this kind of policy evasion?
      > Just to be clear, I'm not a spammer, if anything, I couldn't be more
      > far from it.
      > I'm in the business of (strictly subscription-only) "monitoring
      > stuff". I mean, as soon as an event happens the subscribers who signed
      > up to that kind of event must be alerted immediately (99.9999% of the
      > times subscribers get a single email per day). But because we have
      > grown considerably recently, we needed extra outbound IPs because we
      > started to hit some ESP's limit of mail sent per hour from a single
      > source IP.

      In that case, arrange for whitelisting like ever legitimate sender does.

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