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298983Re: transport_maps "loops back to myself"

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  • MV
    Mar 27, 2014
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      Viktor Dukhovni wrote:
      > It is a program! Not a fixed mapping. It receives a sender address,
      > and replies (with a possibly cached per-sender) answer which is
      > computed on a mostly-round-robin basis.
      If that's not asking too much, could you please provide me with a
      practical example or point me to where I could to find one?

      > Don't know what overhead you have in mind.
      The overhead caused by my crappy perl script and its IO ops... but
      this is irrelevant right now.

      > Do you send a flood of separate messages each from the same sender?
      By sender, do you mean email address or just $mydomain ?
      If you mean sender=foo@..., then yes, most of the mail sent
      comes from a single email account and is sent to a great number of
      indivual recipients.

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