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298980Re: transport_maps "loops back to myself"

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  • MV
    Mar 27, 2014
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      Viktor Dukhovni:
      > Of course you can. You're just not listening carefully. Your
      I'm failing to grasp the concept and can't find any working examples online...
      Finding this thread
      http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.mail.postfix.user/203958 has helped a

      > sender dependent maps would actually largely ignore the sender,
      But how to I define the sender (map), if that's not asking too much,
      could you please provide me with an example file?

      > and just provide a round-robin response. The important part is
      > that this mechanism returns a "default_transport" which never
      > overrides local or other more specific transport information.
      > ...
      > ... can help avoid unnecessarily splitting of
      > the envelope for multi-recipient mail. You should try to send all
      And therefore would cut the overhead I currently have, right?

      > the cache might defeat the load-balancing you want.

      > Use socketmap (or the obsolete tcp table) with:
      > sender_dependent_default_transport_maps
      (mental note: this surely is the right way to do it, not the way I've done it.)

      > Don't bother logging the queries except briefly if you're unsure
      > it is working.
      I'm just logging while debugging..

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