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297686Re: Postfix smtp via socks5

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  • LuKreme
    Jan 24, 2014
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      On 24 Jan 2014, at 17:58 , Francina Oates <marrowe15@...> wrote:

      > If 2013 taught us anything, it is that the only way to have secure
      > email is to store using full disk encryption on a computer in your
      > physical custody and to send and receive using trusted TLS or better.

      Since you do't control the other end of the email chain, it is not possible to have secure email.

      And no, full disk encryption is not required for mail to be secure. And if you try to keep everything in transit secured, at least int eh USA, the NSA can 1) demand your SSL keys and 2) prevent you from revealing you've given the SSL keys to them.

      As far as sending mail (postfix's job) TLS is secure.

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