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296662Re: Restrict access to spam filter retraining aliases

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  • LuKreme
    Nov 15, 2013
      On Nov 14, 2013, at 6:32, Igor Zinovik <zinovik.igor@...> wrote:
      > If someone has similiar setup I also would like to know is it useful at all, or most of them do not care about filter retraining.

      I made retraining very easy, mail moved into the spam mailbox was trained a spam and mail moved to inbox was trained as ham. Since this mostly what I figured would be default behavior, I figured there would be a lot of retraining.

      Not so much.

      Users would either find mis marked messages in hue he spam folder, reply to them, and leave them there, or they would not mark messages as spam and simply wade through them in their inboxes. A very few users would pull mail out of spam, but then file them into non-inbox folders.

      In short, getting users to retrain is pretty much impossible.
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