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296659Re: Restrict access to spam filter retraining aliases

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  • Benny Pedersen
    Nov 14, 2013
      Igor Zinovik skrev den 2013-11-14 14:32:

      > What I implemented:
      > - User found message in his mailbox (e.g. sales@...) that he
      > considers spam,
      > then he forwards this letter to sales-spam@... to retrain
      > filter
      > - User found message in his mailbox that accidently was marked as spam
      > and was stored
      > in Spam folder.  So he forwards this letter to
      > sales-nospam@... to retraing filter
      > that this letter was false positive.

      just that any user that is not sasl-authed can send to
      sales-spam@..., how do you solve this ?

      simple make a localhost mx with as ip address, here i use
      default localhost.junc.org so in case some spammers try to sent to it it
      just keep on localhost mta :)

      so email adresses should change to:


      the rest is well dokumented
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