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295816Re: duplicate email issue with list

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  • Quanah Gibson-Mount
    Oct 7, 2013
      --On Thursday, September 26, 2013 4:38 PM -0400 Wietse Venema
      <wietse@...> wrote:

      > Quanah Gibson-Mount:
      >> One of our customers has an interesting setup where they did the
      >> following:
      >> a) Created 50 users
      >> b) Added a secondary address for the 50 users to an external server with
      >> 50 users (So any email sent to user@server also gets copied to
      >> user@server2).
      >> c) Created a list with the 50 users as members. Lists are just a simple
      >> ldap member: of list.
      >> If an email is sent to the list:
      >> The 50 users on the server each get a copy
      >> The 50 users on the second server get two copies
      >> I've verified I can recreate this issue with a list of 30 users with the
      >> same configuration. I don't see it with a list of 25 users. I'm sure
      >> there's a postconf key that would control this, but I haven't had any
      >> luck tracking it down. Thoughts welcome. ;)
      > Suggestions:
      > 1) Look at the maillog files of primary and secondary server, with
      > particular attention to the nrcpt and orig_to fields.

      Ok, will do.

      > 2) 50 Is a magical number; it is the default_destination_recipient_limit
      > (the number of recipients per SMTP mail transaction). When a queue
      > file has more than 50 SMTP recipients, these will be delivered in
      > more than one mail transaction.

      Definitely not this, the first thing I tried was changing this value from
      50 to 300. ;)

      > 3) Postfix tries to preserve the x-original-to address by default,
      > meaning it will not eliminate duplicate recipients of the same
      > message that differ in the x-original-to address.

      Ok, thanks.



      Quanah Gibson-Mount
      Architect - Server
      Zimbra Software, LLC
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