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295760Re: limit and monitor too many sasl login from same user

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  • nik600
    Oct 4, 2013

      i know, but if you have thousands of users you can't trust too much them.
      I know also that smtps,pop3s,imaps must be used but you can't change a production system.
      it's a long migration, and during this migration you need tools to stop spammers and broken accounts.

      then, when the world will be perfect and all users educated, no more password will be stole ;-)

      Il giorno 05/ott/2013 00:10, "Stan Hoeppner" <stan@...> ha scritto:
      On 10/4/2013 2:29 AM, nik600 wrote:
      > Virus, botnet and user's bad policies about password allows many 3rd party
      > entities to stole passwords, in the last month i've experienced a grows of
      > hacked users, and in some case many spam messages are sent from my servers
      > before i can block the user.
      > I've tried many combination
      > smtpd_client_message_rate_limit
      > smtpd_client_recipient_rate_limit
      > anvil_rate_time_unit
      > config options but as the sender changes frequently the client, sending
      > from different locations, so the limits above has no effect and i can't
      > stop the spammer.
      > Does exists any configuration to limit the # of sasl login from an user?
      > It could be very useful, and cloud be also useful monitor many login of the
      > same sasl user from different ip.
      > What do you thing about that?

      Have you considered sending your users a monthly reminder explaining the
      dangers of phishing attacks, that no legit entity will ever ask for
      their login credentials, etc?

      Trying to address the problem with strictly technical means at the
      server is a losing endeavor.  The problem begins on the users' end, and
      must be fixed on the users' end.  You simply need to give users the
      tools and education to fix it, or in this case, avoid it.


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