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295678Re: email address (user@domain.tld) as username?

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  • DTNX Postmaster
    Sep 27, 2013
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      On Sep 27, 2013, at 09:41, Tomasz Chmielewski <tch@...> wrote:

      > On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 09:23:43 +0200
      > DTNX Postmaster <postmaster@...> wrote:
      >>> How can I make Postfix deliver mail for such system users?
      >>> Right now, it rejects mail to such users, with '(unknown user:
      >>> "test")' reason.
      >> A system user in this case would be 'test', not 'test@...' or
      >> 'test@...'.
      > Why? test@... or test@... are perfectly valid system
      > users:
      > # getent passwd | grep test
      > test@...:x:1011:1011::/home/test@...:/bin/false
      > test@...:x:1012:1012::/home/test@...:/bin/false

      No, you are abusing the concept of system users. Even if it were to work on a system level, it does not work that way at the Postfix level. Valid system users do not include the '@' sign or the domain part.

      >> If they are both one and the same user, just
      >> make sure that the 'test' system user exists, and specify
      >> 'example.com' and 'domain.tld' as part of 'mydestination'.
      > No, they are two different users. They are not virtual users; they are
      > system users.
      > I want to use test@... and test@..., as this is what
      > users have for IMAP/SMTP logins on a different system, being migrated.

      Unless those users also need some system level access, this is where you use virtual domains. Use the software as intended, read the fabulous manual on how to set up virtual domains and their users;


      If you really do have a valid use case for system users, you need to create individual, unique users such as 'test1', 'test2' and so on, and route incoming mail to the appropriate account. See the above URL for more information on how to do this.

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