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295514Re: block exe and other attachments

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  • Stan Hoeppner
    Sep 17, 2013
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      On 9/17/2013 5:08 AM, Rowland Onobrauche wrote:
      > Thanks to all that contributed to a possible resolution. I have decided to allow the attachments and leave them to mailscanner to filter/quarantine as some we are receiving are actually legit attachments.
      > At least if they are quarantined, i have the option to release.

      Have you ever been unable to see the forest because the trees are
      blocking your view of it?

      Those unwanted attachments are a symptom of your problem, not the
      problem itself. They are the trees blocking your view of the forest.

      The forest here is bot spam. Snowshoe spammers don't typically send
      malware attachments. You may also see this come from compromised hosts
      or webmail accounts.

      To stop the bot spam you need to use one of

      1. Postscreen - requires Postfix 2.8 or later
      2. A greylisting policy daemon such as postgrey for your Postfix 2.6.6.
      3. fqrdns.pcre

      Google will give you information on all of these. After reading up,
      pick your poison. Mailscanner may do the job, but the above will do so
      without wasting machine resources (queue bandwidth, CPU time, RAM, etc).
      And don't forget, Mailscanner is not supported by Postfix, as it breaks
      API rules and acts directly on the queue.

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