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295475Re: disturbing TLS error

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  • John Allen
    Sep 15, 2013
      I ran into a problem that seems to have some of the same attributes. In
      my case Google was rejecting my email, however they may have been a
      little more polite about doing so.

      Have you checked your DNS and reverse DNS entries. Is your server a
      dedicated system with a single IP address.

      In my case I was running a multi-use server which had multiple IP
      addresses. This resulted in email being sent out on a IP address whose
      reverse DNS did not resolve to the published server. Google rejected my
      email, but they did issue an error message.

      I wonder if Yahoo is doing some sort of DNS to IP check and finding a
      mismatch just dropping the connection instead of issuing a valid error
      code. Not very polite of them, but past experience with not particularly
      unusual for them.

      To solve my problem, the first thing I did was to ensure that the rDNS
      for my sever was correct.
      Next added smtp_bind_address to the smtp entry in my master.cf.

      the effect of this is to ensure that the address and reverse address
      match, and that any DNS look up will not result in an error.

      I don't know if this will solve you problem. but I hope it helps.
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