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295468Re: disturbing TLS error

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  • Mathieu R.
    Sep 15 4:01 PM
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      James Cloos <cloos@...> a écrit :
      >The mx lookup on effraie.org returns mx.effraie.org. The cert
      >mx.effraie.org sends has a number of dnsnames, but not mx.effraie.org.
      >I bet that is why the session failed.
      >The mx for 400iso.net, mx.400iso.net, sends the same cert and also
      >likely will fail tls negotiation with some senders.
      >In general, the name returned by the MX lookup is used as the TLS
      >name when tls verification is attempted.

      As it seem to be a good advice, I did change my dns entries for mx to mail.effraie.org, wich is covered by the (new) cacert certificat of the mail server.

      I still have the same error in logs

      Mathieu R.
      Envoyé depuis un téléphone. Excusez la brièveté.
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