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295339Can't send mails but I can receive

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  • Chris
    Sep 9, 2013
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      if I send from a public mail service like gmail etc. to my server, I get
      the email.
      Then I reply to this one and I this message will never arrive.
      Sometimes I get an error mail like:

      <vip4@...>: host service.com[] said: 554 5.7.1
      <vip4@...>: Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command)

      In the syslog when sending an email to a public mail service I find this

      Sep 9 22:38:53 nudin1 postfix/smtpd[8648]: connect from
      Sep 9 22:38:55 nudin1 postfix/smtpd[8648]: 2723F12E00A3:
      client=unknown[], sasl_method=PLAIN,
      Sep 9 22:38:55 nudin1 postfix/cleanup[7756]: 2723F12E00A3:
      Sep 9 22:38:55 nudin1 postfix/qmgr[1344]: 2723F12E00A3:
      from=<info@...>, size=474, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
      Sep 9 22:38:56 nudin1 postfix/smtpd[8648]: disconnect from
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 postfix/smtpd[8658]: connect from
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 postfix/smtpd[8658]: 7C75B12E00A4:
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 postfix/cleanup[7756]: 7C75B12E00A4:
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 postfix/smtpd[8658]: disconnect from
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 postfix/qmgr[1344]: 7C75B12E00A4:
      from=<info@...>, size=900, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 amavis[792]: (00792-04) Passed CLEAN,
      [] <info@...> -> <privateuser@...>, Message-ID:
      <522E863A.1000200@...>, mail_id: E1oH7KsZ3znA, Hits: -0.002,
      size: 474, queued_as: 7C75B12E00A4, 1713 ms
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 postfix/smtp[8654]: 2723F12E00A3:
      to=<privateuser@...>, relay=[]:10024, delay=2.9,
      delays=1.2/0/0/1.7, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 from
      MTA([]:10025): 250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 7C75B12E00A4)
      Sep 9 22:38:57 nudin1 postfix/qmgr[1344]: 2723F12E00A3: removed

      What could that be?

      Thank you,
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