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295252Re: postscreen postscreen_dnsbl_sites order

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  • Wietse Venema
    Sep 4, 2013
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      Marko Weber | ZBF:
      > hello postfix list,
      > maybe an easy quest for you.
      > when i use multiple rbls in 'postscreen_dnsbl_sites'


      > postscreen_dnsbl_sites =
      > 1.list.org
      > anotherlist.org
      > nsafools.org
      > obamaisadrama.org
      > at example. are the entries of 'postscreen_dnsbl_sites' used in
      > order like listed? or is postscreen using them randomly?

      They are searched in parallel. You can mix DNSWLs (with negative
      weights) and DNSBLs (with positive weights) and override later
      checks with postscreen_dnsbl_whitelist_threshold (Postfix 2.11).

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