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295243Recipient rewrite based on sender

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  • Tobi
    Sep 4, 2013
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      Hello list,

      I have been asked if the following is possible somehow with postfix, but
      as I'm quite unsure I try to ask the "gurus" :-)
      The goal is something like a conditional recipient rewrite. The
      condition would be the envelope sender.
      Like: if sender is XXX rewrite the recipient to YYY but only if original
      recipient is ZZZ.
      The only way I see so far would be to use a postfix pipe to handover all
      mails from defined sender to a script that does check the conditions for
      recipient rewrite. But with the downsize that every mail from this
      sender has to be piped through that script. Even those that would not
      have met the conditions for rewrite.

      Is there a way to achieve this without piping to an external script?

      thanks for any idea

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