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295209smtp relay insertion between internet and mx

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  • Fabio Sangiovanni
    Sep 3 3:47 AM
      Hello list,

      I need to put a SMTP relay between Internet and my company's mx (which
      stores inboxes), in order to do some processing.
      Current situation is that the mx receives messages directly from the
      Internet, without hops inbetween; on the mx, postfix is configured to
      retrieve allowed recipients from a mysql database, in particular with
      the following directives in main.cf:

      virtual_mailbox_domains =
      virtual_mailbox_maps =

      On the relay, I'm going to use a relay domain address class, with the
      following directives:

      relay_domains = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/mysql_virtual_domains_maps.cf
      relay_recipient_maps =
      relay_transport = relay:[my.mx.ip]

      At the moment, everything is working as expected; of course my goal is
      preserving access policies: I need to accept/reject the same recipients
      before and after the relay adoption (smtpd_recipient_restrictions will
      also be the same, obviously).
      Do you see any outstanding issues in this particular confiuguration,
      provided that the database will be exactly the same? According to the
      docs, maps referred by those directives should be identical in syntax,
      so a swap shouldn't be problematic.

      current situation: internet -> mx
      wanted configuration: internet -> relay -> mx, with the same allowed

      Please let me know if you need more information on my setup.


      Fabio Sangiovanni
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