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295130Antispam using *only* postfix/postcreen settings...

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  • Charles Marcus
    Sep 1, 2013
      Hi all,

      On 2013-09-01 6:09 AM, Grant <emailgrant@...> wrote:
      Thanks James.  This is all very cool.  A blacklist (zen.spamhaus.org),
      a whitelist (list.dnswl.org), and a "greylist".  2.11 looks to be a
      fantastic release for easily-configured anti-spam measures.  I'm just
      not getting spam anymore and I don't think I'm rejecting legitimate
      mail either.

      James - I'm curious, are you using any other antispam software?

      Everyone else - I'm very curious how many people are relying solely on postfix/postcreen settings for their anti-spam measures, and how effective they seem to be as compared to other anti-spam measures - ie, using outsourced anti-spam SaaS providers (mxlogic, edgewave, etc).

      I've been toying with the idea of testing receiving/sending direct to the internet using all the nifty new toys in postfix/postscreen, and see if I can eliminate our outsourced anti-spam service.

      If postfix is good enough now with the addition of postscreen to block 95+% of spam, maybe it is time to do away with the hassle of 3rd party anti-spam tools.



      Best regards,

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