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295123Re: email from comcast.net is bouncing

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  • Grant
    Sep 1, 2013
      >>>> I grep'ed the mail logs for dnsblog and got a huge number of these:
      >>>> [postfix/postscreen] warning: psc_dnsbl_request: connect to
      >>>> private/dnsblog service: No such file or directory
      >>> Looks as if you've found the problem.
      >>> Make sure your master.cf has an entry like:
      >>> dnsblog unix - - n - 0 dnsblog
      >> Thank you. I added it and restarted postfix and started to get errors
      >> like these:
      > Postfix always add missing master.cf entries automatically as part
      > of the upgrade procedure. You can break this by restoring an old
      > file after the upgrade.

      I'm on Gentoo and I use the etc-update script to update config files
      after upgrading. Should dnsblog be uncommented in a default
      master.cf? If so I may need to file a Gentoo bug.

      >> Is there a way to verify that everything is working properly?
      > Watch the logs for errors or unexpected behavior.

      I see that the following message received a 450. The IP is not listed
      at dnswl.org and when I look it up it appears to come from China. Is
      this a spoof?

      NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from []:3302: 450 4.3.2 Service
      currently unavailable; from=<MASKED@...>,
      to=<MASKED@...>, proto=ESMTP, helo=<gmail.com>

      - Grant
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