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295044Re: Virtual Alias Routing

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  • Wietse Venema
    Aug 28, 2013
      > Postfix receives all mail from the filter, therefore expand your
      > virtual aliases in Postfix and be done with it. No need to filter
      > mail twice.

      James MacLachlan:
      > This solution requires delegating alias buckets to someone, rather than
      > everyone, which does not meet the enduser requirements. The issue is a

      If different users have different filter policies, then putting
      Postfix before the filter solves that problem. When Postfix does
      the alias expansion first, the filter knows who is receiving the

      Looping mail from the filter through Postfix back again into the
      filter is more than likely to cause mailer loops. Postfix routing
      does not distinguish between an address that was received in RCPT
      TO commands and an address that comes out of alias expansion.

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