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295032Re: Virtual Alias Routing

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  • Wietse Venema
    Aug 28, 2013
      James MacLachlan:
      > Hi List,
      > I have read the documentation, and do not understand if this is possible,
      > but I think it should be. I have a spam filter that is required to listen
      > on the MX of my domain, but it does not support alias expansion, so the
      > postfix server has to do the expansion then send the message back to the
      > filter for final delivery.

      That is a fairly standard: either one expands aliases before or
      after a content filter.

      > Is it possible to deliver virtual mailbox maps to the mda, but relay
      > virtual alias maps back to the filter?

      Postfix receives all mail from the filter, therefore expand your
      virtual aliases in Postfix and be done with it. No need to filter
      mail twice.

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