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294849Re: greylisting generates error email?

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  • Grant
    Aug 20, 2013
      >> <http://www.spamhaus.org/zen/>
      >> zen blocks these categories:
      >> SBL Direct UBE sources, spam operations & spam services
      >> CSS Direct snowshoe spam sources detected via automation
      >> CBL (3rd party exploits such as proxies, trojans, etc.)
      >> PBL End-user Non-MTA IP addresses set by ISP outbound mail policy
      >> SBL and CSS are confirmed spammers. CBL are confirmed exploited machines. PBL are IPs that the IP owner has classified as not allowed to send mail directly.
      >> Blocking all of those is perfectly safe.
      > Perfectly safe is the categorizing process is itself perfect.
      > ANd since nothing is perfect, you'll always have false positive.

      Has anyone had a confirmed false positive with zen.spamhaus.org ?

      - Grant
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