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294594Re: Three trivial filtering questions

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  • Ronald F. Guilmette
    Aug 5, 2013
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      In message <51FF1BBA.9000904@...>,
      Stan Hoeppner <stan@...> wrote:

      >> Doing RBL client checks in postscreen?
      >That would be one cause.

      As I mentioned, I am not using postscreen at the present time.

      >Another could be having duplicate
      >reject_rbl_client statements in smtpd_client_restrictions.

      Nope. But thank you for mentioning that possibility.

      Actually, having adjusted my smtpd_recipient_restrictions rather
      dramatically today, and looking now at the day's maillog file,
      I think that I am entirely less sure that the problem is what
      I said it was earlier. I am now getting at least _some_
      rejects based on SURBL and URIBL, whereas earlier I had not
      yet seen any at all in the maillog.

      I think that I should ask everyone to ignore my earlier question
      about this until I have time to gather more data and see if I can
      see what's actually going on. Perhaps there's nothing wrong at

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