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294576Re: sendmail "send as" and error

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  • Wietse Venema
    Aug 2, 2013
      > When using sendmail binary, I have found two sources of errors.
      > - No recipients.
      > - Not authorized (user is not in 'authorized_submit_users').
      > I have two questions:
      > 1) Errors get logged, but is there a way for them to be reported by email?

      Use a logfile monitor. Postfix logs all submission errors.

      Unlike the SMTP agents, the Postfix sendmail command must be able
      to run even when Postfix is stopped. It cannot depend on the
      existence of running postfix daemons.

      There are many errors that Postfix sendmail cannot notify by sending
      email (such as disk full, bad file permission, etc.) so it does not
      attempt to notify for only a subset.

      > 2) Is there a way to authorize a user to use sendmail but forbid the use of
      > the '-f' (send as) flag?

      No-one has asked for that, therefore it is not implemented. Software
      may be free to use, but that doesn't mean it costs nothing to provide.

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