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294564Re: Report misses original mail

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  • Wietse Venema
    Aug 1, 2013
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      > I have a host with services sending mails through sendmail binary. To get
      > some fault tolerance, I have set
      > notify_classes = bounce, delay, policy, protocol, resource, software

      This send an ADDITIONAL notification to the system administrator.

      The original message content is sent to the envelope sender only
      (subject to bounce_size_limit restrictions).

      Sending automatic notifications is a tricky business. It may result
      in infinite loops or worse, one message becoming multiple messages
      which in turn become an avalanche of mail.

      Safety is one reason why Postfix avoids returning multiple copies
      of undeliverable mail. Privacy is another: most delivery problems
      are unrelated to the message content, so there is no need to always
      give the content to the system administrator.

      It's easy enough to add one bounce daemon parameter that flips the
      switch from "headers only" to "full message" for postmaster
      notifications. Unfortunately, I have no time to implement that.

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