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294300Re: Mail server, what else?

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  • Craig R. Skinner
    Jul 15, 2013
      On 2013-07-15 Mon 16:26 PM |, Kris Deugau wrote:
      > Craig R. Skinner wrote:
      > >No Apache, PHP or webmail. HTTP was designed to transfer hyperlinked
      > >text files, not do dynmaic stuff with root access to the whole box.
      > >Beware!!!!!
      > >
      > >IMAP (Thunderbird, Elm, KMail) is the way to go.
      > >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_email_clients#Operating_system_support
      > Then what do you suggest for casual users who do not care to either
      > bring along a single device everywhere they want to access their
      > email, or (know how to) install a fullblown mail program on every
      > device they may access their mail from? (Including things like
      > Internet cafe PCs...)

      There are several Java IMAP email clients that can be wrapped in an
      applet or Java-webstart. These are downloaded from the website & then
      use IMAP/SMTP.

      > Webmail means at least they only have one mail client and one UI to
      > learn to read their mail.

      Put up some screen shots of how to use a mail client in your FAQ.

      If the average web user can post photo albums on Fakebook, they've the
      brains to use a mail client. Thunderbird even tries to autoconfigure
      itself based on the the email address, setting the servers & ports.

      It's more work up front to teach them, but its less work than explaining
      your box got rooted via some stupid web app & all their personal details
      are now at risk.

      Dump stubborn users, they're not worth the support nightmare. (I worked
      for years in an ISP's tech support dept - ON THE PHONE. Most people are
      OK with a few screen shots & some help to get going.)

      Craig Skinner | http://twitter.com/Craig_Skinner | http://linkd.in/yGqkv7
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