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294278Re: Mail server, what else?

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  • Craig R. Skinner
    Jul 13, 2013
      On 2013-07-13 Sat 20:50 PM |, lists@... wrote:
      > but what has the protocol HTTP to do with the underlying
      > application?

      OK then, shove every frigging thing down port 80's throat.

      Why bother with Postfix, IMAP, ftp, ssh, ping, traceroute,....

      Just have 1 port on the box that does it all. Really?

      IMAP & POP were purpose designed for reading mail.

      SMTP was purpose designed for transfering it, simple.

      Use the right protocol (tool) for the job.

      Yes, you can carry large items of furniture on the roof of a bubble car.
      But diesel vans are better for that job as they're designed to carry the
      load. Bubble cars have a purpose, so do vans, trucks, ships,.... Don't
      get confused about what does what.

      The current trend to put everything on HTTP is foolishness.
      Craig Skinner | http://twitter.com/Craig_Skinner | http://linkd.in/yGqkv7
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