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294188Re: FIlename of the email

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  • Noel Jones
    Jul 8, 2013
      On 7/8/2013 2:55 PM, J Gao wrote:
      > Hi, All,
      > When my postfix+courier received/sent an email, it will have a file
      > which name like this:
      > 1373311807.V805I31d1928M179657.zeta.veecall.com,S=1456:2,ST
      > Can someone explain to me how to understand this name? I mean for
      > example like the above one, what is the meaning of "1373311807" and
      > "V805I31d1928M179657"?
      > In the maillog, postfix use mail ID like "C0A3BC258D", is there a
      > relation between this ID and the filename?
      > More interested is the last part of the filename. It seems related
      > with the status of the mail. (Read/Unread/..etc.). Can you explain
      > more on this?
      > Thank you for help.
      > Gao

      There is no relation between the postfix queueid and the final
      filename used for maildir storage.

      For all the mind-numbing details, use your favorite search engine to
      look for "maildir specification".
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